What's a little designer shoe obsession?

Like many out there, I have a closet full of shoes all of which I wouldn't succeed in wearing across a few week period. There are too many shoes for that! But seriously, can a person really have too many shoes? I, for one, think not!

I enjoy my sexy strappy sandal dress shoes, with sequins, slim or block heels, satin, and leather. I still look for excuses to wear my ivory satin bridal shoes at every possible occasion (and no, I don't intend to throw my bridal shoes out!). I've got dressy women's shoes which are gorgeous but hurt after more than an hour of wear. At the same time I've got chic, comfortable shoes, from sneakers with shiny details to warm, fluffy slippers. Some are designer shoes; others are cheap shoes. Some are even cheap, designer shoes!

At the same time, I like to think that my husband's collection of men's shoes, particularly dressy men's shoes, has improved exponentially since he met me! It's just as important for men to take pleasure in those perfect designer dress shoes. The shoes make the man (or woman), they say. Although I've always wondered who \"they\" are, I have to agree!

I take great joy in shoe shopping, whether online or offline. Since I've started buying shoes online, the options for designer shoes have become practically endless, and I have millions of places to search for fabulous deals on cheap, but amazing shoes. It's like they put together the internet just so that I could improve my shoe shopping experience! That was very nice of \"them\"!

This website is a place to share the love of shoes, designer, cheap, dressy, casual, or comfortable. It's a place for people who may have a slight shoe obsession, like yours truly, to feel accepted and, more importantly, to talk about shoes: styles, deals, and wearing tips! This is our own little bit of shoe universe! I hope other shoe lovers out there enjoy it.